light-weight structures for heavy loads
Cost savings and sustainability; weight reduction, quality improvement, higher strength and improved ease of use. The reference projects below prove that a lot of optimization is possible. They also show how important it is to have the right focus from the first draft.

Schetsen voertuig
Concept study - Innovative chassis design
A concept study which considers the current needs of the markets and of production combined with the specific capabilities of high-strength steel, has led to a revolutionary chassis concept.
This extremely lightweight D-TEC chassis concept is the basis of a whole range of chassis variants. The D-TEC Flexitrailer Traction won the International Innovation Award in 2013 at the IAA in Hanover. This container trailer offers the same load possibilities as competing models, but is about 1500 kg lighter and requires much less maintenance. This well thought out concept takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by high strength steels.
Due to the modular design, the customer order decoupling point is put as late as possible in the production process. The result is a high degree of standardization in a large part of the production process. D-TEC serve a large market by creating a customer-specific trailer at the end of the production process.
Ontwerpen chassis
Basic design - Axle suspension
A feeling for the behaviour of structures under load is important to achieve a good basic design.
Cost reduction and weight reduction can perfectly go together with the increase of the quality and durability of the structure. Strengthening of highly loaded structures is sometimes even counterproductive. This has been proven by Folmer Innovations in the design of the new Vredo Trac chassis.
The axle suspension and the chassis of this Vredo Trac have been optimized in 3D using advanced strength and fatigue lifetime calculation.
Verificatie sterkte
Verification of strength - SPT for heavy loads
To verify the strength of the construction, Folmer Innovations works with advanced, specialized software for strength analysis, including FEA, and is based on the guidelines of the IIW and the Eurocode.
Dynamic heavily loaded structures often succumb at critical details, especially if there is fatigue. Attention to these sensitive details is very important in the control of the strength.
Have you made a calculation? Go for certainty. Let Folmer Innovations check your calculation. It has always led to improvements.
For this SPT (self-propelled trailer) Folmer Innovations performed a verification calculation for various loads with special focus on welds and bolted connections.
Validatie sterkte
Validation in practice - Measurement during operation
Does the product behave as expected in practice? Is the calculation correct do the stresses in the material, at critical places, remain indeed within the required margins?
Because there are many assumptions made throughout the design process, there remain uncertainties. The measurement of forces, displacements, strains, and deformations in practice gives more insight into the safety of the product, and the expected life span in the longer term.
The measurement of this chassis in conditions of use by Folmer Innovations yielded a wealth of information, extremely valuable for further optimization of the original design and to design new products.
Detail engineering for production - Machine arm
Folmer believes that a smart design in production secures the maximum possible quality.
Clear production drawings and work instructions reduce the risk of failure due to manufacturing faults. Details that are found to be critical for strength and service life must be produced with care and therefore also receive extra attention on the drawings.
Folmer Innovations likes to stay involved in the product up to its realization and use to ensure that the design is correct and to receive invaluable feedback from the field.