efficiency in production
Efficient production with controlled quality.
Increase competitiveness through the use of smartly designed production tools.

Carrousel with press
This press has been integrated into a carousel with several workstations allowing the manufacturer to guarantee a consistent quality. The production rate was increased and the required floor space was greatly reduced.
Beforehand, Folmer Innovations has carried out a process analysis time measurement in the existing production process. On the basis of this time measurement, a process design was made with as few as possible non-value-adding operations (such as movement, handling and cleaning).
After the installation of the machine, Folmer has worked some time in co-operation with production workers to think together about work efficiency and optimisation of the process.
Roller unit
Rolling tubes is a difficult job. To ensure the quality of the dimensions of the tube, Folmer Innovations has developed an additional roller unit as an additional tool that can be placed on an existing base roller machine.
This roller unit is adjustable in various ways. The setting can be read to make an equal set up possible in a subsequent roll order.