safety through clarity
Folmer Innovations is specialized in the design and calculation of supporting structures that are heavily or dynamically loaded.
We want to serve our customers by joining in with the design from concept stage; providing refreshing ideas, the design of safe structures and provide clear reports which don't cause any questions at a classification society
Folmer Innovations designs from concept stage to production drawings in 3D or 2D. For the calculation of strength, buckling, vibration and resonance frequency Ansys is used. Fatigue and life calculations are also among the possibilities.
To substantiate the calculations or to receive input for the design Folmer Innovations can perform practical measurements. These include measuring of strain, vibrations, accelerations and displacements.
Transport cradles
From concept study to production drawings
For the transport of superyachts, Folmer Innovations has developed static transport saddles and hydraulically adjustable dock blocks in close co-operation with the shipyard and other stakeholders. Folmer Innovations implemented this project from concept to production drawings.
Complicating factors here were the very tight space during transport, the changing circumstances in the various stages of transport, and the high accuracy required during positioning in the dock.
With the new hydraulic docking blocks the yard could save a lot of time during docking.
Crane foundation
Calculation of strength and buckling
This fishing vessel was provided with a new crane. The space for the foundation was very limited and the existing structure had to be left intact as much as possible.
Folmer Innovations calculated several variants on strength and buckling based on the "worst case" possible in heavy seas.
Cruise schip
Sections and air suspended cabin
Calculation of the strength and finding the optimal position of the air springs
For this cruise ship, optimum space for the passengers was required without compromising the strength of the trusses.
On the aft ship, a cabin with a swimming pool was placed on dampers. Folmer Innovations has calculated the optimum position of the air springs, the strength of the supporting structure and the deformation of the decks of this air suspended cabin.
Check of the strength of the A-frame for new usage
This A-frame, which is dragging a plough, got a new application with heavier loads.
Folmer Innovations was commissioned to carry out a check calculation. This led to local reinforcements without any change in the overall construction.