for dynamics in your construction
Dynamically loaded and supporting structures where safety and reliability play a major role. That is what Folmer Innovations specialises in and is the common feature of the markets in which Folmer Innovations operates.

Hereby Folmer Innovations offers a wide range of services; from concept design to realization.
3D design, advanced strength calculation and measurement in practice are our core business.

Maximum payload and fuel economy are essential and the boundaries of lightweight construction are still not being achieved. High-strength steel, alumininum, and sandwich composites are commonly used materials that each offer specific opportunities.
In addition, low cost and efficiency in serial production are of great importance in this competitive market
Folmer Innovations will take up the challenge to find the optimal design. With a smart design, a lightweight construction can be produced more cheaply.
In the design of agricultural and construction equipment, the maximum capacity with minimum weight and lowest cost is needed. Continuous, heavy use of the equipment makes a good design even more important.
Folmer Innovations has proven that a strong and reliable construction cam be achieved alongside weight reduction and cost savings.
Huge, dynamically loaded structures designed with attention to detail. Good collaboration with the client leads to cost savings when producing and using the product.
Folmer Innovations provides insight into the design through clear communication and reporting during the design process. FEM analysis plays an important role in the optimization of the design.
Efficient production with controlled quality. Increase your competitiveness by carefully thinking through your production process.
Folmer Innovations will gladly help you with the design and optimization of the product and production process.