design quality for durability
Quality in the design process. Here the quality of your product begins. Folmer Innovations achieves this quality through clear communication. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, Folmer Innovations believes that stake holder involvement is very important.

Plan and concept study
Prior to a design, Folmer Innovations wants to think with you about the use of the product, the demands and wishes of the customer, the market, legislation, own production and other 'stakeholders'.
We put this together in a set of requirements that will become part of the project plan.
Based on this plan, Folmer Innovations makes draft proposals from which we jointly choose the best solutions.
Measurement in practice
For a well-founded design, it is very important to know what happens in practice.
Folmer Innovations performs practice measurements, if necessary, over a period of months. Structural load (strain), temperature, pressure, movement, speed, and other parameters can be measured during operation in practice or during specific tests and are then logged. Combined charts provide clear insight into the behaviour of the product.
These measurements may also be performed afterwards as a validation of the design.
Basic design
The basic design in 3D gives a good image of the product and can be supported by simulation of movements.
Accessibility, manufacturability, freedom of movement, but also various product variants can be made visible so that we can, together, reach a maximum optimization.
Verification of the strength
Folmer Innovations uses advanced FEA software to calculate the strength. Hereby we pay attention to specific details such as welding, holes, and production operations which can affect the fatigue life of the product.
We perform fatigue calculations to dynamically loaded products.
The FEA provides insight into opportunities for material savings and weight reduction.
Detailing for production
We provide the complete specification for production: 2D drawings with instructions, cut drawings, assembly instructions, bills of materials and order lists.
In consultation, we can provide the complete service documentation for you.
Folmer Innovations supports you during process applications, outsourcing, manufacturing and commissioning.
We consider this whole process also our responsibility.